The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we dove into the new GDP numbers. Justin Fox showed caution, the GOP abandoned concern over the unemployed, and Ed Morrissey was poised to pounce on Obama. Also, more bad news out of Iraq.

In hate crimes follow-up, Andrew reiterated his position, John Cole launched an attack, and some readers backed Cole. Another reader reminded us not to forget about the equality battle in Washington, and we watched more ads from Maine.

In Palin news, she appeared to demand $100K to talk to Iowans (though her camp denied it). Meanwhile, readers called her out on her latest hypocrisy and the DNC cataloged her many lies. Readers also accused Andrew of having starbursts for Levi and warned him to back off Oprah.

In a flurry of commentary today, Sully delivered a polemic against HRC, exposed the apparent gayness of the Vatican, wrestled WaPo over its federal spending priorities, wondered why the paper hasn't delved more into Nozette, and updated us on Tehran's testiness. In other commentary, libertarians turned on Hayek, TNC offered wisdom on writing , and TNR received a Von Hoffman Award nod.

This viral video almost makes you feel sorry for douchebags. Almost.

-- C.B.