The Daily Wrap

Today was a big day for the Dish, as the HIV ban was finally struck down by the president's pen. Andrew shared his thoughts.

Levi continued to turn up the heat on Palin, who appeared less qualified than Quayle. Freddie, Rauch, and Andrew examined the pitfalls of empire in Afghanistan, Goldstone sat down with Bill Moyers, Hillary played the bad cop to Pakistan, and Andrew explained to John Cole the wariness of dealing with a Democratic president who supports gay rights. More details from the Nozette case emerged here and here.

In Halloween coverage, we judged the best costumes, saw the holiday as a pride parade for straight people, looked at fellating bats, really looked at fellating bats, and featured one of the best MHBs in a while. Meanwhile, young Iranians were still in the streets.

-- C.B.