The Closeted Gay Leadership

A reader writes:

I read your post and watched the video about the Solomnese email urging us to hold our judgment until 2017. Your comment that HRC should change their name to the Gay Rights HRCFASHION Campaign reminded me of my early days out of the closet.  I had never heard of HRC when I first came out, but eagerly embraced the equality logo.  I put a sticker on my car and wore a cap because I saw it as a way to let other gays know I was one of them while flying under the heterosexual radar. 

Most straight people have no idea what the anonymous yellow and blue symbol means and certainly don't see it as representing the gay rights movement.

In other words, the sticker and cap were tools for me to remain partially closeted.  I could tell myself I was out and proud without ever letting a heterosexual know I was gay.  Today, sitting here at work with a picture of my husband on my desk, I can hardly recognize that person.

Thank God.