The Cannabis Closet

A reader writes:

I must share with you a nightmarish story that happened to me last week in Fairfax County, VA.

I'm bored at work ... clicking on some Craigslist ads in the "Casual Encounters" section. Now ... I'm a 50yo married man ... and maybe I shouldn't have been perusing the CE section,730px-Bubba_Kush but it can be amusing to read the posts. On a lark I answered a post to meet a 30 yo couple who were looking to "throw caution to the wind for a night of fun" and would like "some 420 or other things to make it a special evening." We correspond for a day or so...flirtatious and conversational, but not sexual. After offering to bring some marijuana,  we agree to meet at 4;30 PM at a fast food restaurant in northern Virginia and I'm given a cell number to call as I'm approaching.

I call the number and asked what kind of car I'm driving so they can meet me outside the restaurant. I drive up to the restaurant where I'm greeted by 4 Fairfax County police officers. BUSTED with a small amount of pot with a charge of possession with intent to distribute.

My life is SHATTERED from a sting operation which netted enough pot for like 3 joints. These laws have to change..and SOON! Can it still be the priority of a major police department to set traps for adults with the intent to consume a small amount of marijuana in the privacy of a private home?

Yes, it can. And yes, we must change these laws.