Smug Forecast

A reader writes:

You said:

"Maddow is better [than Olbermann] but oozes toxic levels of smug." 

I guess that depends on the observer, because what I see and hear are unique levels of smart packaged in the most substantive discussions anywhere on teevee (except possibly Moyers but the format is different).  Her format refuses to engage in the false "balance" so prevalent in the media, she always gives guests space to object to her segment intros, she never engages in shouting matches (she got close once), and her approach, after a 20 minute, spirited debate with Tom Ridge, elicited a "this is exactly the kind of civil debate we need to have in this country" from Ridge. 

I  always feel better informed - and am better informed - after watching Maddow.  

And then there's this.