Rescuing The Gays Of Iraq


Here's something that Bill Kristol can truly celebrate about Iraq. Liberation has unleashed Shiite death squads against gay men in that country, perpetrating horrible torture, violence and murder. Now that's a liberation the theocons can get behind. Of course, I know of no Obama administration statement of concern or plan of action on this either, and perhaps there is nothing to be done.

But it remains the case that a country still occupied by 130,000 US troops is cleansing its society of a beleaguered minority and the US military and government are silent and standing by. If this pogrom were taking place against any other minority, it would be front-page news. But gays are expendable; and in the view of the current GOP base, they are reaping what they sow.

Mercifully, some people are doing something to save those living in terror. Here's a moving story of how hard they are fighting and who they are helping.