Race And Religion In America

James Poulos springboards off my post on Pat Buchanan:

The culture wars are the playing out of a fateful, momentous, confusing, and difficult argument in America: an argument over what culture is. Not a culture, not the culture, but culture itself the foundational, necessary elements and structures of social order. Go back to James Madison and you see a certainty that American social order, including our political order, requires a religious culture. Even then, that certainty wasn’t so certain that it hadn’t to be spoken. Things have only gotten more explicit and less certain since then. But one thing is clear. The anti-culture which the counterculture spawned or gave the opportunity of a lifetime used race/power as simply a weapon against the real foe of those against culture religion/authority. And the foolish white racists of yesterday failed to realize that choosing to fight over the former meant choosing to lose the fight over the latter.