Quote For The Day

"If people want to say that the whole quest to articulate objective human rights standards and international humanitarian law is inherently futile or misguided, then fine. But an awful lot of people who claim not to believe that seem to want to turn around and reject the underlying premises of the endeavor when it turns out that Israellike its adversariessometimes violates those standards," - Matt Yglesias.

The only salient question is: did Israel commit war crimes in Gaza? And yet so many refuse even to address that factual question or the large amount of evidence Goldstone assembled. Just as many simply refuse to grapple with the reality of how the US treated prisoners under Bush and Cheney. The Dish has tried to hold all of these entities to the same standards - the US, UK, Hamas, Iran, Israel. Because double standards are useful for a short time, but fatal in the end. And this is a long, long war.