Quote For The Day

“It’s like they’re coming in and saying to you, ‘I’m going to drive my car off a cliff. Should I or should I not wear a seatbelt?’ And you say, ‘I don’t think you should drive your car off the cliff.’ And they say, ‘No, no, that bit’s already been decided – the question is whether to wear a seatbelt.’ And you say, ‘Well, you might as well wear a seatbelt.’ And then they say, ‘We’ve consulted with policy expert Rory Stewart and he says ...’” - Rory Stewart, on the Af-Pak policy deliberations of the US, in the FT a while back.

As I try to figure out for myself what on earth the West should do there, his words resonate more and more. He is, it seems to me, a modern Tory. From Eton, of course. Just to give Orwell the willies.