A reader writes:

Here’s me watching that Pomplamoose video you linked to yesterday:

“Great tuneno wonder Coltrane loved it. Singer’s a little funny-looking, but interesting voice.”

“nice change-up on the beat. Hammerstein didn’t write it that way, but it’s good. Actually, she’s kind of cute in a weird way. And great voice.”

“Wow, those eyes are riveting. AhI like the key-changes. Unsettling, but intelligent.”

“Jesus, she is mesmerizing. The purity of her voice, and the intonation. And her skin is so...and that little mole...I could watch her singing forever.”

“Good god. That. Is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is so, stunningly, beautiful. I’m head over heels in love.”

If you missed it, check it out.