Parsing Obama On The Gays, Ctd

John Cole is upset. The bill does add gender identity to the roster of victims, and I should have noted that as well. But the inference that if you oppose the logic behind this bill, you support violence or discrimination against transgender people is repulsive. Here's Cole's moronic gibe:

What does it say that Sullivan only seems to give a shit about the gays. What about the lesbians? What about transexuals? Why do you hate them, Andrew?

Of course I don't. What conceivable evidence do you have for saying so?

(And you'll get in trouble for calling them "transexuals".) I just believe in equality under the law - not special treatment. I've held this position for years. It's a lost cause, I know. But it's what I believe. Others differ and see all protections for minorities as a good thing. I don't. I think entrenching people as victims hurts them in the long run. I think accepting as a given discrimination in law-enforcement tells the cops that they don't have to apply the law fairly because the politicians will come in behind them to add special rights for various sets of victims. I think we should be focused on our own empowerment, not our own victimhood. And I think this entire process is, at root, an exercize in cynicism. But, again, let's check back in a year's time to see if I'm wrong.