Palin vs Johnston, Ctd

A reader writes:

How laughable and hypocritical that Sarah Palin would attack Levi Johnston for "selling his body for money." This coming from a former beauty pageant contestant... a well established industry built on 'selling bodies'.

Another writes:

Can you ask around if Levi just opened himself up to a world of legal trouble?

I'm no lawyer, but if he is saying he knows about Palin's illegal actions as governor but he isn't going to say, doesn't that make him an accessory or accomplice to a crime and couldn't he be forced to testify if she were prosecuted? If he doesn't tell the whole truth wouldn't he then possibly face perjury?  Ouch. I think he may have opened a can of worms on national TV.

Who knows where this will end up? The only thing I'm sure of is that the MSM has no interest in finding out the actual truth behind Sarah Palin, whatever it is. But the truth nonetheless will eventually come out (just don't expect it from Harper Collins, Katie Couric or Oprah Winfrey).