Not So Super Freak, Ctd

Stephen Dubner defends himself and his book. Joe Romm does appear to have partaken in some misrepresentation, but Paul Krugman and Brad Delong (among others) are having none of it. Here's Yglesias:

[It] would be one thing if Levitt and Dubner wanted to make the argument that they have reason to believe that most scientists are mistaken about the climate change situation. But instead they make the claim that most environmentalists are mistaken about the climate change situation and that it’s Levitt & Dubner who are channeling the views of the scientific community. But according to the Union of Concerned Scientists “the fifth chapter of the book, ‘Global Cooling,’ repeats a large number of easily discredited arguments regarding climate science, energy production, and geoengineering.””

Earlier coverage of the controversy here.