Leave Oprah Alone!

A reader writes:

I understand that you are convinced that Oprah won't ask Palin any of the questions you are dying to have answered.  I agree with you that Oprah probably won't ask her questions about whether or not her fifth child is really hers.  However, that is not Oprah's responsibility.  She isn't a reporter.  She interviews celebrities so they can sell their shit.  That is her job.  Her job is not to do what an investigative journalist should be doing.  The fact that those people have not been doing their jobs in regards to Palin's past is not Oprah's problem.

Another writes:

You should stop harping on Oprah. I certainly don't watch her show for cutting edge, investigative journalism, but why malign her already for an interview that has yet to tape and air?  After publicly supporting candidate Obama, one can presume that O has questions about Palin that she would like to have answered.  I don't think she'll go on the attack (the way I believe someone needs to do to Palin) but she did ask some difficult, painful questions earlier this year during her interview with the Edwardses.  I think it's a bit unfair to pre-judge Oprah before the event.

Ok, I'll post-judge her. Better still: the Dish will live-blog the interview.