Iranian Bloggers Souring On Obama?

Tehran Bureau relays some reaction to the Nobel announcement:

Most Iranians appeared to favor improved relations with the world prior to June's tainted election. But judging from an exhaustive reading of the Iranian blogosphere in reaction to President Obama's win, the mood has shifted. After facing off with Iran's hardline government in mass protests, and witnessing scores of their compatriots killed or arrested, tortured and raped in detention, refusal to recognize the legitimacy of Iran's current government was the minimum support many Iranians looked to from other countries. Out of 155 comments posted on Mir Hossein Mousavi's official Facebook page in response to the subject of Obama's Nobel, the majority of views were negative, given Obama's stance on events in Iran and his engagement policy with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Interestingly, Iranian officials did not voice serious reactions to the news, contrary to custom. Only foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki noted that the honor may have come "too early" for Obama. In other words, if Obama continues along the line he is currently treading with the Ahmadinejad administration, Iran's government is likely to champion him as meriting the prize.

Readers know the DIsh's heart is with the Iranian opposition. But Obama is president, and that means grappling with the reality of power - and its always alloyed moral nature. The burden is on him - morally, psychologically and culturally - to absorb these cross currents and be a statesman. I don't envy him; but I do think he's up to it, in the complicated and morally unsatisfying world we actually live in.