Inning David Hockney

The NYT gets something important wrong:

In a Sunday feature already posted online, the New York Times and free-lancer Carol Kino have unfortunately hetero-normalized David Hockney. According to Kino: "In 2005 Mr. Hockney -- temporarily, he says -- left Hollywood, where he had lived full time since 1978, to transform the manicured green and golden slopes, woods and farmland of the East Yorkshire landscape into spare, quickly worked compositions charged with pink, orange and violet."

That's not true. Hockney did not leave California because the East Yorkshire landscape romantically called him home to England. Hockney left because the United States government would not allow his partner, John Fitzherbert, back into the country. In order to be with Fitzherbert, Hockney returned to the UK.

I think that many straight people find it so impossible to understand how they could be treated this way that they simply don't see what their gay friends deal with every day. If heterosexuals were treated this way, there'd be a revolution.