Halloween In DC

The holiday is celebrated a bit differently in the nation's capitol:

Any thoughts on what this year's top Beltway ensembles will be? "Olympia Snowe" dressed as Hamlet--or covered in waffles? "Roger Ailes" carrying around a shopping bag containing David Axelrod's scalp? "Anita Dunn" carrying a bag containing Ailes's? "Liz Cheney" as rabid werewolf? "John Boehner" with miniature Eric Cantor dolls buzzing 'round his head? I personally am voting for The Public Option. (Suggestions for execution welcome.)

I'd also like to plead for a moratorium on costumes involving Glenn Beck, Rahm Emmanuel, tea bags, and death panels. And, above all, please, Lord, spare us legions of Tom Delays in cha-cha pants.

But more Gosselins! And Levis!