GOP Still Dead; Weather At 11

The only news in Chris Cilizza's post on the latest WaPo poll is that he honestly seems to believe that the first nine months of Obama's presidency have been good for Republicans. Anyone not suckered by the usual Beltway hooey - i.e. someone not paid by the WaPo to convey conventional "non-biased" wisdom - could see that the Republicans were drowning, not waving.

Their success in airing the most bizarre claims about the president, their extremist town halls, their disavowal from the get-go of any attempt to work with the new president on anything may have helped gin up enthusiasm in their base - but at the expense of making that base even smaller and alienating by large margins the independent voters they desperately need.

Once again, the GOP is all tactics and no strategy. And the Dish pointed out a while back that the party i.d. was cratering and that the generic ballot question showed the Democrats gaining again. Add the Palin circus to the mix and the Beck train wreck and most sane independents are more convinced than ever that the GOP is a lost cause for a while. They're not impressed by the Democrats, of course, and the post-election honeymoon is over for POTUS. But Obama's ratings remain firm for a newbie and his big strategic moves are gaining momentum.

Meep. meep.