Funniest. TV. Ever. Ctd.

Readers chime in:

My parents watch Glenn Beck religiously. When I watch this man, my stomach turns in knots because of three things: 1) He's wrong. 2) My parents adore him. 3) They that think I look just like him, only 20 years younger, and seize every opportunity to bring it up. (I actually do look like a 28 year old Glenn Beck).


I think the real question is: "Do you remember what life was like before Glenn Beck?"


Ahhh, the good old days, when we were all gleefully ignorant to the tooth decay, obesity and adult on-set diabetes caused by mass consumption of soda pops.

And finally:

I saw this at the gym yesterday and almost fell off the treadmill laughing. I am so glad you posted it. You know what the best part is? That Mean Joe Green commercial was from 1979. That means Glenn Beck is harking back to those simpler times when America was better...when Carter was President. Does he not have a research staff?