Free At Last, Ctd

A reader writes:

If nothing else, in a minor fashion this renews my faith that my government (hopefully soon to be yours as well) sometimes does the right thing. It takes time, especially when trying to overcome fear and ignorance, but we eventually get there. I believe the same will be true for marriage equality, DADT, etc. This nation was built to progress on an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary scale, and sometimes we take a step back in that progress.

Another reader:

Glad you're moving forward with citizenship.  I became a citizen yesterday - at my ceremony there were 420 people from 55 different countries.  It really was a fantastic experience -- an intoxicating mix of pride, diversity, schmaltz, humor, friendliness and optimism......just like our country.

By the way, nobody prepares you for how difficult the national anthem is to sing! Got a bit emotional at that point, I have to admit.

I look forward to screwing the national anthem up like every red-blooded American. But right now, I just feel weird. I know I should be totally delirious at the news that I've been waiting for and fighting for for more than a decade. But like most huge anticipated moments, this one doesn't quite have the immediate punch. You feel numb and unreal. You've spent so long steeling yourself against disappointment you barely know what it is to celebrate. But thank you for all the emails of support and kindness. They mean a huge amount. You were, in some ways, among the best friends I had in this period. The Dish cares.