Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

As a gay man, a Rotarian and a critic of HRC, I resent that you derisively equate the Rotary Club with HRC.  You clearly know very little about Rotary. Rotary Clubs are filled with selfless individuals who lead a staggering variety of international aid efforts, including providing disaster relief shelters, supporting anti-poverty efforts, and increasing HIV/AIDS awareness

One of Rotary's key programs is the fight to eradicate polio.  Presently, Rotary is in a campaign to raise $200 million--mostly from its own membership--to battle the disease.  One of the most telling examples of Rotary's work is the efforts by my parent's Rotary club in tiny Longmont, Colorado to improve water quality and sanitation in Esteli, Nicaragua. 

Rotary has 1.2 million members in 33,000 chapters around the world--63% of the membership is outside North America.  The structure is founded on strong local chapters and it's central organization exists to facilitate the chapters' own efforts.  For gosh sakes, Afghanistan has at least four Rotary clubs.