Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Geez, you’re a princess. Gay people account for what? 9% of the population? That much? Heterosexual sex is the ability to replicate consciousness. All wonders of the universe are created by the union of sperm and egg. The sperm and the egg have created everything.

I don’t feel that homosexuality is a choice. Why would anyone choose it? I feel that homosexuality is unfortunate, that you drew the short straw. Your love can never reproduce a universe. It can only ever be a ghostly comparison of heterosexual love. Be a conservative, recognize your limitations. Accept your cross, and bear it with dignity.

Obama is up to his eyeballs in serious problems that affect much much much more than a measly 9% of the American population. You’re such a baby. I want you to explain in detail how Obama is going to change DADT and not cause significant problems in a doubly engaged military that he and the rest of the world are depending on. You think that this change will be a smooth transition. Guess again.

Are you prepared to accept responsibility for the chaos this might cause – and all ripples that radiate outward into other areas of the world. Your impatience and blindness on this whole matter is embarrassing.

Go suck a dick, and suck it up, sweetheart.