Dissent Of The Day, Ctd

A reader writes:

You wrote: "Just compare his track record of truth versus hers," talking about Levi vs. Sarah Palin.  Uhhh...to what track record of truth on Levi's part are you referring? Of course, her track for truth is abysmal, mostly because her lies caught up to her, but the contrast with Levi doesn't work. 

They could, of course, both be small-minded small-town "fucking rednecks" who got vaulted into the limelight and are now trying squeeze every drop of blood they can from it because they're narcissistic, love the attention, and want the money.  I'm surprised that hadn't occurred to you, because that seems the very likely reality to the rest of us.

These two theories are not mutually exclusive. On Judge Judy, usually one "fucking redneck" is telling the truth. And I know one of these people has been telling lies from the minute I was made aware of her.