Common Ground?

A reader writes:

Thank you for directing me to Rev. Honey, and Father Keating on Sunday, and for the quote from Metzinger. I believeĀ  after listening to these men, (and women - Karen Armstrong) that the difference between an "atheist" like myself, and these wise people, is exactly nothing. Their conception of God is exactly my conception of a universe without a "god". How can that be?

Perhaps once we take organized religion out of the picture, we all are on the same page.

My own view is that so long as faith never loses sight of the search for truth, so long as it never loses doubt, so long as it always understands the ineffability of the divine, the possibility for engagement with atheists, agnostics and every other faith is real, and human, and urgent.

In other words: humility is the thing many Christians have recently forgotten. Pride is an ism.