Changing Minds Or Selling Books?

Charles Murray on winning converts:

[W]hat if I had entitled Losing Ground something like Liberal Cruelty? It probably would have sold a lot more than the meager 27,000 copies it actually sold on release. Would the book have had as much impact? That's the koan. I'm sure Jonah can give me examples of people who did pick up Liberal Fascism even though they hated the title, but I'll still bet he lost a lot of people who would have been Adeeply affected by his argument if they had read the book. We are indeed engaged in a battle for America's soul, but the way that battle is conducted makes a big difference.

The goal--at least my goal, but I think it is Steve's and Jonah's as well--is not to elect a Republican majority to Congress. That's not our job, and it's not as if Republican congresses were so wonderful anyway. Our job is to engage in a debate on great issues and make converts to our point of view. The key word is converts--referring to people who didn't start out agreeing with us. We shouldn't be civil and reasonable just because we want to be nice guys. It is the only option we've got if we want to succeed instead of just posture. The Glenn Becks of the world posture, and make our work harder.

(Hat tip: Dreher)