Best Typo Ever, Ctd

A reader writes:

That's a great typo... I was once researching IRS information related to giving gifts with donations and the following is a follow up email I had to send explaining the title on the attachments:

Just noticed something crazy - I saved the IRS document and titled it "Goods exchange for Donation"...the only problem though was that when its all together with no spaces it shows goodsexchangefordonation... sorry if that caused confusion - that was not the original name of document it was what I saved it as....

Another writes:

A friend’s law school resume listed her summer job as a proofreader.  An interviewer from a prestigious law firm asked her if she liked the job and if she was good at it.  Yes, she replied.  Oh really, the lawyer questioned, and showed her the “poofreader” typo on her resume.  I don’t think she got the job.