Battering Rahm

If you smell 1993, it's probably Emanuel. A reader writes:

The whole thing smacks of Rahm. Reportedly he recently referred to activist Dems who quickly mounted TV ads holding anti-public option Democratic senators accountable as "f*ing stupid." Well Rahm, if this kind of activism is f*ing stupid, why not enlighten us? Why not shine sunlight on whatever dealings a vocal, activist constituency might be hampering?

How many times do I have to say it? I voted for Obama. I'm glad, nay thrilled, he ain't Bush. It doesn't guarantee I'll vote the same way again, especially if what I get for my trouble is hostility to the blogosphere, elitism and condescension aimed at activists, and gorgeous speeches for the wussies at HRC.

I am equal. Period. I helped elect President Barack Obama to amplify that message with presidential action - as he promised. So far: ATNA - All Talk No Action. Am I pissed? You bet. Do I think action will cost him political capital? Of course. Inaction on DOMA, DADT and marriage rights is said to be because he "has a lot on his plate." Pardon me, but doesn't having a lot on your plate come with the job description? It's an insulting justification.

Talk to us Mr. President. What's really going on?

And please understand, talking to HRC is not talking to the gay community. It is talking to the Democratic party establishment. That's not a conversation; it's an endlessly replaying echo-chamber of self-congratulation.