A Spy For Israel

Well, I'm not an expert in these matters but this is straight out of a movie:

During one meeting, Nozette indicated he could be paid in cash up to $10,000. "Cash is fine&[I know] how to handle cash...you buy consumables&cash is good for anything&you can eat it, drink it or screw it."

On Sept. 10, 2009, FBI agents left a letter -- in the post office box Nozette had been told about -- for him to answer questions about U.S. satellite information. A week later, Nozette returned the letter to the post office box with answers to the questions, and passport pictures for an Israeli passport the scientist had requested and an encrypted computer thumb drive.

Ambers has a fascinating discussion of what Nozette might have had that was useful for the Israelis. Bottom line:

"Nozette would be in a good position to know how easily it is for U.S. technologies to pierce the veil of Israel's secret nuke program."