"Family Guy In Blackface," Ctd

A reader writes:

You posted a critique from John McWhorter of the new Seth McFarland show as being no different from Family Guy except for the race of the characters.  McWhorter thinks it's racism.  I think it's just evidence of McFarland's utter lack of new ideas.

Witness American Dad.  It's all retreads of Family Guy.  Oh, they switched things around a little: They have a talking alien instead of a talking dog.  They gave the fish the evil accent instead of the baby.  The father hates the daughter.... wait, that's exactly the same.  They didn't change anybody's race; they just made the main character a Republican.

McFarland isn't racist; he's creatively bankrupt.  He needs some new manatees.

Yep, the problem with McFarland is not that he's a bigot, for goodness' sake. It's that he's a hack.