Where Does Evolution Leave God?

Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, calls Karen Armstrong an atheist because she asks whether we can use evolution "to recover a more authentic notion of God." Here's Mohler:

We should at least give Dawkins credit here for knowing what he rejects.  Here we meet an atheist who understands the difference between belief and unbelief.  As for those, like Armstrong, who try to tell believers that it does not matter if God exists --  Dawkins informs them that believers in God will brand them as atheists.  "They'll be right," Dawkins concludes.

It's telling that both Mohler and Dawkins are both dedicated to the maintenance of a certain brand of doubt-free, doctrinally absolutist, fundamentalist versions of faith. There are other kinds. And fighting for that center is an important task in a world being torn apart by politicized religion.