What Prodded Holder

Ambers notes an important piece of data in the Holder response to former CIA officials on his inquiry into some of the more grotesque torture sessions/murders authorized by Bush and Cheney:

The Justice Department's response to these claims contains a buried piece of information: "Given the recommendation from the Office of Professional Responsibility as well as other available information, he believed the appropriate course of action was to ask John Durham to conduct a preliminary review..." 

For the uninitiated, this means that the preliminary report sent to Holder by the Office of Professional Responsibility on the torture-related lawyering of the Bush-era DOJ political appointees  -- a report prepared by career prosecutors --  recommended that the cases deemed closed during the Bush administration be re-examined.

Holder is following the advice of his in-house 'internal affairs' shop... and didn't simply make the decision after reviewing the files himself.

Which makes me wonder what exactly is in the still-unreleased OPR report on the lawyers who ignored vast sections of existing law in order to give their political masters the legal cover to illegally torture. Why have Holder and Obama held this back? Are they biding their time as the evidence mounts of the horrors that Yoo and Bybee and Bradbury unleashed? We'll see.