The Van Jones Saga

Ambers' take:

[T]riumphalism over Jones's exit is misplaced. Jones was many things, but he wasn't theĀ fascist that reactionaries insisted on calling him. And he was never terribly powerful. In fact, his departure makes it easier for the administration to press ahead with its Green Jobs initiative -- no longer do opponents have Van Jones to kick around anymore. That Jones was even the target of vitriol is more evidence of paranoia; the Bush administration used "czar" in a tongue-in-cheek fashion; the Obama press shop was casual in its early descriptions of administration advisers who were given certain portfolios; suddenly, "czar" became czar -- as if these folks had actual power and malevolent influence -- and not only that, as if they worked in concert to take over the government and impose their evil world ways.

What does it tell you about our culture that someone like Marc has to respond to the insanity of Glenn Beck?