The Stakes Are Raised In Iran

As the MSM moves on, the Green revolution is facing a watershed moment. Two pieces of news from Iran:

Ali Reza Beheshti has been in the news constantly, speaking as one of–if not the–central figure in Mousavi’s tight inner circle. Most recently, Beheshti released a revised figure yesterday of the number of protesters killed in the aftermath of Iran’s election in June. According to Beheshti, that number is at least 72. According to the blog Enduring America (not one to sensationalize): The only step up from this action is the arrest of leaders such as Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi.

If Mousavi and Karroubi are arrested, the revolution will be tested as never before. Then this:

According to ILNA, Mehdi Karroubi’s office was ordered to be sealed off by Tehran’s Prosecutor General. Ismail Gerami Moghaddam, the spokesman of the Etemad Melli Party (National Confidence Party), told the media that some agents from Tehran’s Prosecutor’s office appeared at Karroubi’s office in northern Tehran (Jamshidieh) on Saturday and confiscated documents, CDs, PCs, and videos. “The people who were waiting for a meeting with Karroubi, including Karroubi himself, were asked to exit building,” Gerami Moghaddam added. He also noted that the chief editor of Etemad Melli website arrested.

Meanwhile, Tabnak (associated with Mohsen Rezaei) reported on Tuesday that the security agents came to the office of Mousavi’s special committee of fact-findings of the post-election’s dead and detained and confiscated property and documents, taking them to an unknown place. The agents did not provide any warrants or give any reason for their search, though they did say that the confiscated property and documents would not be returned.