On the live-stream I didn't catch what the heckler actually said. Was it "Liar!" or "You lie!" It was an ugly moment in the Congress and I don't remember anyone heckling a president's speech before. But it is, in fact, the GOP's current position. Their position is to demonize this man. Karl Rove's op-ed on the speech went up on the WSJ website before the speech was even over, declaring it a failure and nothing new.

But there was something clarifying about a Southern good ol' boy yelling "Liar" at the president over illegal immigration. That's what the GOP now is: the worst aspects of the old Democratic party combined with a nihilism that is only eclipsed by its catastrophic governance for the past eight years. Defeating these morons and actually creating a discourse for reform is what we elected Obama to do.

But they still insist on doing it to themselves, don't they? That's the silver lining.