The Balloon Juice Dictionary

The web is wonderful for many reasons but one of them is its capacity to generate new language. You can get fisked or becked; there are money quotes and hat tips; and then there are the private languages that can develop among regular commenters. Balloon Juice has now compiled a dictionary of its readers' best neologisms and acronyms. Check them out. My faves:

Glibertariana portmanteau of glib and libertarian, a person who affects libertarianism when it’s convenient. Used by those not ready to admit that all libertarian philosophy can be boiled down to “I got mine, fuck you”, or by those attempting to be polite to libertarians.

Magical Unity Pony (MUP): affectionate-mocking nickname for presidential candidate Barack Obama.

MUPpets: Especially during the 2008 campaign, individuals said to be unduly enamoured by then-candidate Barack Obama.

WATB – Whiny-Ass Titty Baby, or Babies. Originally appended to the ombudspersons of the Washington Post, possibly by Sadly, No! , for complaining that unpaid bloggers were making the ombudspersons’ highly-compensated jobs too hard.

Rebunk – to bring back a myth, lie, urban legend or totally discredited idea as though the evidence which reliably debunked the nonsense never existed. Almost always committed by Re-publicans.

And these from the comment section on the comment section:

IOKIYAR - It’s OK if you’re a republican. (var fm. IOKIYAAR)

Doughy Pantload: A derogatory nickname for LA Times columnist and former National Review Online Editor Jonah Goldberg, who inflicted a book-length violation of Godwin’s law upon an unsuspecting (and, among his readers, undiscerning) public. Frequently mocked for statement he made about his book, entitled “Liberal Fascism”, roughly a year prior to its publication, that it was a very serious, thoughtful, argument that has never been made in such detail or with such care.

Burkean Bells, n. An auditory hallucination experienced by people who consider themselves to be “authentic conservatives” who have been driven from the Republican Party by the wingnuts. Most often experienced by people who think Edmund Burke was the title character in an obscure 1960s television series.

Oakeshott, n. 1. mid-20th Century conservative philosopher, subject of Andrew Sullivan’s doctoral dissertation.
2. Three ounces of Maker’s Mark in a wooden cup.
Most self-proclaimed conservatives think 2 is the correct definition.