Snowe's Trigger, Ctd

Ed Kilgore doesn't go so far as to endorse Snowe's public plan trigger, but he urges the left to seriously consider it:

I've argued elsewhere, progressives who want to reject the trigger out of hand are in effect dictating a Senate strategy for health care reform that involves use of reconciliation or some other vehicle (like enforced party discipline on cloture votes) that reduces the necessary margin to 50 votes.  That may well be the way to go, and it certainly would reduce the leverage of "centrists" in either party.  But if that's the game plan, progressives should go into the fight with eyes wide open and weigh the risks.  All "centrist" ideas aren't brain-dead, and even as we properly mock the worship of compromise as an end in itself, there are limits to what "standing on principle" on the details of legislation can accomplish.