Shields Down

[T]his is not a costless decision. Anytime we change our mind on military commitments to allies, [there] are costs down the road to doing so. And both the Polish and Czech governments have borne serious costs to move this program along to where it now stands with their own populations – which were far from uniformly enthusiastic about these proposals, especially in the Czech Republic – so we want to be very careful about the impression that we have left these important allies hanging in the wind. I would hope the administration would take damage control in this regard very seriously, and I expect to see details coming out over the next few days about what exactly we are doing to ameliorate the Poles and the Czechs.

AtlanticWire rounds up more commentary in support of ending the program and records the Cold War nostalgia on the right. I happened to catch part of Fox News last night when Krauthammer and Barnes were in full mid-1980s mode. When will they wake up and realize that communism isn't around any more?