Rope-A-Doping Bibi?

Marc Lynch warns the Israel hawks:

I've had plenty of criticisms of the Obama team's tactical choices along the way -- letting the settlements battle draw out, not acting to alleviate the Gaza disaster, unreasonably expecting Arab concessions in response to tepid Israeli statements, and do on.  But they've made it clear that the time for games is coming to an end, and that their patience is wearing thin.   To succeed, they are going to need to have some real sticks to wield -- and I suspect that they will be better able to wield them after demonstrating such astonishing restraint in the face of Netanyahu's repeated provocations.  

Lord knows I'm not optimistic about final status negotiations-- I'm never especially optimistic -- but in this instance I think a lot of people are being blinded by shiny flashing lights and missing what's really going on.