Republicans ♥ Medicare

Are there not risks to this strategy? Specifically,does it not further cement the GOP's image as an aged, out-of-touchcoalition? Also, how is the GOP defense of cuts to Medicare notcreating at least some dissonance with the very protesters who turnedout for town halls and the recent march on Washington complaining abouta too-big government getting bigger? (I suppose I'm presuming thatpeople complaining about big government are, in fact, able to identifysuch contradictions; surely, some are not.)

This was also something the Tories did as they reeled from the first term of Blair. They actually opposed any real cuts or reform in the welfare state in a desperate bid for some, any, votes. They were obsessed with tactics and forgot even a smidgen of strategy. It took them twelve years to have a shot at governing - and largely because of Labour's failure. The GOP is now defined entirely by opposition to Obama - regardless of the merits of his policies. If you want evidence that the tea-party message is pure phony, look no further. Even Mark "Freedom Or Tyranny" Levin won't risk offending seniors. (Leave it to Pareene.)