Racially Motivated?

That is Michelle Malkin's categorical claim about the ugly incident on a school bus in Saint Louis this morning. She wrote that post at 12.02 pm, linking to this story which says it was updated at 11.35 am to rebut the notion that this schoolyard fight was racially motivated. The police chief rushed to judgment and later recanted. Maybe Malkin missed it and will soon qualify her claim. But here's a revealing statement:

A Belleville police spokesman now says an incident where a white student was beaten by teen black assailants on a bus “may not be racially motivated.” “It was premature on my part,” said Belleville Police Capt. Don Sax. “It was my personal and emotional comment after only seeing the video briefly.”

And yet Malkin has not yet corrected her story or changed its headline from "Racial thuggery." Dan Riehl ramps up the race war talk. A Malkin commenter piles on:

Can you tell me there is no race war going on? While white people sit around shaking their heads and looking the other way black people have made every possible issue about race and their anger is erupting more daily. It’s only going to get worse.

Now, I don't know what the motive on that schoolbus was, and in schoolbus fights (and I saw many as a boy), there might be many, including racial tension. But we don't know this yet. Can we withhold judgment until we do? Or is that much too much to ask?