Quote Of The Day

"[T]he Pet Shop Boys don't do the royal family. We're republicans. Republicans in the English sense, not the American sense. We've been invited to [royal] things before but we don't go to them. Although, secretly I quite admire the queen," - Neil Tennant, once again seeming to mind-read me.

I wanted to see Pandemonium but bought tickets online via Ticketsnow, where I was directed from Ticketmaster. I wasn't being too skeptical - I take Ticketmaster to be a responsible company - so I didn't read the small print and was scammed into buying a $40 ticket for $223. The ticket even had someone else's name on it. I also had a bad case of Cape Cod crud and felt under the weather. But I'd be careful with Ticketsnow. It's a scalping scam under a respectable umbrella. So I missed my idols' concert.