Our Foreskins Ourselves

Reason joins the circumcision debate:

[G]overnment has zero business running campaignsand these things inevitably turn into scaremongering effortsthat try to influence our choices regarding our children and our bodies. Especially when the procedure has so little to do with society's collective health. Circumcision is a personal choice. Well, a personal choice for everyone except that poor little sucker lying on the chopping block.

Elsewhere, Freddie compares the MGM debate to the abortion debate. I guess I was an early obsessive on this. As readers know, my position is simply that no parent has a right to permanently mutilate a child for no good reason. Scar tissue should be a personal choice. Would we approve of parents' tattooing infants? The entire thing is an outrage and should be banned outright with a religious exception for Muslims and Jews.