Our Foreskins Ourselves, Ctd

E.D. Kain asks:

If Andrew believes that “no parent has a right” to circumcise their infant, why does he allow for the religious exception for Muslims and Jews?  Would the same be true for female circumcision?  Should we allow the religious African immigrants whose customs include female genital mutilation to continue with that practice – but not everybody else?  Where is the boundary to be drawn between the right of the infant and the religious freedoms of the parents?

That's a good question. I tend to defer to religious freedom whenever possible, as I believe it is an inalienable freedom that the public sphere should do as little as possible to coopt or control. And circumcision - for all sorts of silly, archaic reasons - is nonetheless a deeply held religious ritual for many Jews and Muslims. I just don't like interfering with those core convictions, even as I find it barbaric. Let's just ban it in public hospitals as a routine procedure.