Obama Talks To The Children

by Patrick Appel

I've ignored the furor over Obama's address to the nation's schoolchildren about working hard in school because it's a fake story fueled by misguided outrage. Benen gets it about right here:

I can appreciate there's a question of whether the Department of Education erred in the wording of one sentence in the supplementary materials. It's reasonable to think officials should have been more cautious.

But that's not what this is about. The administration not only edited the supplementary materials, but has offered to make the text of the address available in advance, just so everyone can see how innocuous it is. It's made no difference. Conservatives don't want school kids to hear a message from their president. Those who claim superiority on American patriotism have decided to throw yet another tantrum over the idea that the president of the United States might encourage young people to do well in schools.

This is what American politics has come to in 2009.

James Joyner is also spot on.