Nazis, Gays, Muslims And Other Imminent Threats

Do yourself a favor and read Dave Weigel's full account of the just-concluded “How to Take Back America” conference. Headed by Phylis Shlafly, this year's attendance was twice the previous record. Its main focus: Obama's transformation of America as Hitler transformed Germany.

“Kitty has pointed out the parallels between the slow, incremental Hitler takeover of Austria and some of the things that are happening today,” said Schlafly, asked about Werthmann’s “How to Recognize Living Under Nazis and Communists” session. “She’s an expert on that. I see what [Obama] is doing as absolute socialism, as government ownership of the means of production.”

The liberal fascism argument is alive and well on the right. Huckabee showed up, as did neocon Frank Gaffney. The opening speaker was Christianist retired Lt Gen William Boykin, who had in uniform declared the war on terror to be a war between Islam and Christianity. Weirdly, he doesn't credit torture with preventing a second terror attack. His theory is more complex:

“It’s only because of intercessory prayer that we haven’t been hit again since September 11,” said Boykin. “Pray for America for 10 minutes a day. If we can mobilize millions of prayer warriors that can pray for 10 minutes a day, we can open the gates of heaven.”

Of course, the gays were just behind the Nazis and the Muslims in destroying America:

In the halls and from the stages of the conference, there were constant warnings of fascist, anti-Christian campaigns to break down American morals and sovereignty. Rev. Rick Scarborough, a pastor who advised Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign, pounded the podium at his Friday afternoon speech, warning that the president’s pro-gay agenda was endangering Christians who spoke out against gay rights.

“The day the president put his hand on the bible,” said Scarborough, “his minions were changing official White House Website to reflect a whole new understanding of civil rights, to refer to homosexuals.” The Bible, said Scarborough, called these people “sodomites, which no one wants to talk about because it reminds them of their behavior.”

Some activists followed this up with a breakout session on “How to Counter the Homosexual Extremist Movement,” where they learned about transgender awareness days at public schools. And some went to “How to Stop Feminist and Gay Attacks on the Military,” where they were informed that upwards of 200,000 active duty members of the military might quit if “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is repealed.