More Raids On Gay Bars In The South

In Memphis and Atlanta, two more raids and arrests - after a similarly brutal raid in Texas. I don't know any details about the Memphis case, but the Atlanta one seems to have been prompted by some guys dancing in their tighty-whities:

Numerous patrons at the Eagle at the time of the raid have recounted what they deem harassment and harsh treatment from police, including all patrons being forced to lie on the floor and being searched. Several reported hearing anti-gay and racist comments during the raid....

"I'm dancing [in underwear] and what I think is a SWAT team comes in. Some are telling me to stand still, some are telling me to get down. It was big confusion," he said Friday at the bar.

"The police were really tough, especially on our older customers. I understand police have to be safe, but there was no reason for them to treat people the way they did especially when someone is 60-65. They weren't even helping them up after making them lay on the ground."

Maybe these reports, after the near-death of another gay man attacked in a gay bar raid in Texas, are just random data points. Or maybe, the Age of Obama is leading some to express their rage at the changing face of this country. Gays, as so often, are among the first victims. Vigilance is necessary. For the first time in 16 years, the South does not have a native president in the White House. For the first time in 45 years, we have a Democrat not from the South in the White House. In trying to understand the passion and hysteria and anger out there, this may be worth taking into account.