by Patrick Appel

I meant to mark the news yesterday but got distracted by other issues, so late last night I searched through the thousand or so blogs I read to see if I could find anyone making a substantive point about the first day of marriage equality in Vermont. Besides multiple sites remarking on Vermont natives Ben & Jerry changing Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby to celebrate the news, I couldn't find anything of interest: no braying about the downfall of civilization, no heralding the brink of true equality. Perhaps because Vermont was the first state in the nation to allow civil unions, the change was too unsurprising to pontificate on, but the collective yawn that the blogosphere let out yesterday was telling. There are still anti-gay fundamentalists out there, as this unhinged interview with Pastor Steven Anderson makes clear, but the tide has turned. When the marriage debate becomes too boring to write about on a slow summer news day, equality is winning.

(Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty)

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