Iran, Israel, And The Missile Shield

Like some exhausted volcano, the GOP is spewing the usual steam on appeasement of Russia. Personally, absent communism and global aspirations, I see no reason why Putin's Russia should be an enemy of the US. In any dealing with Iran, Russia will be critical. And European policy was not what this move was really about, was it? Here's Gates:

To say that the Obama administration was scrapping missile defense, Mr. Gates said, is “misrepresenting the reality of what we are doing.” He added that the new configuration “provides a better missile defense capability” than the one he had recommended to Mr. Bush.

Administration officials said the Bush missile defense architecture was better designed to counter potential long-range missiles by Iran, but recent tests and intelligence have indicated that Tehran is moving more rapidly toward developing short- and medium-range missiles. Mr. Obama’s advisers said their reconfigured system would be more aimed at that threat by stationing interceptor missiles closer to Iran.

So Obama and Gates are actually increasing the US's missile defense of Israel from Iran. Why does no neocon see that? Or is their determination to destroy this presidency prior to their actual concern for Irael's security?