iPhone As Divining Rod

Jonah Lehrer daydreams:

Before long, I bet we'll have simple preference tools installed on our phones. These tools will track our social network - that's easy to do on a phone, since our network is stored in the contacts folder, thus bypassing the mess of Facebook - and then give us advice based on the feedback of our friends. I imagine one day we'll simply be able to walk into a mall and ask the phone where we should go. It will think for a second before suggesting a particular clothing store selling vintage shirts, or a quaint cafe serving a good tuna sandwich, or that poster store on the ground floor. It will be like word-of-mouth, only transmitted indirectly - the hearsay of an algorithm. Your preferences will be calculated as a function of your network, and not as an abstract human island, which strikes me as much closer to the social reality of preference formation.