How Will Palin Respond This Time?

by Chris Bodenner

Andrew's take on the latest dish from Levi is here. Mudflats also nails it:

One can imagine “Mrs. Palin” in some undisclosed location furiously unloading into a recording device for her ghost writer, adding an extra chapter in her book called “Levi Johnston is a Liar Again.” That comes right after the other chapters entitled, “Levi Johnston is a Liar,”  “Those Ethics Complaint Filers are Liars,” “That Ex-Public Safety Commissioner is a Liar,”  “Those McCain Staffers are Liars,”That Former Wasilla Mayor is a Liar,” “That Police Chief is a Liar,” “Republican Event Coordinators Everywhere are Liars,” “The Alaska State Legislature Lies,” and my personal favorite, “Those Bloggers are Liars…and Pathetic Also.